Make a great first impression with your Insta Bio!

Published on 15 June 2020 at 18:20

Creating an interesting Instagram bio that grabs your audience’s attention should be a key priority for all brands and businesses.

This is 150 characters of prime real estate to introduce your brand! 

The best Instagram bios will showcase your brand’s personality, promote your business, and convince people to follow you.


Some tips for crafting the best bio on Instagram:

1️⃣ Explain who you are and what you do

2️⃣ Target your niche audience with specific keywords and hashtags

3️⃣ Link to your website or blog

4️⃣ Share your personality

5️⃣ Provide a way for your followers to get in touch- add a call to action!

Your bio is the first thing your followers and customers see when they land on your page. Not only that, but your bio link is your only shot to drive traffic to your site!

Remember 80% of customers decide whether or not to buy from you by looking at your instagram page!!

So make a great impression with a compelling bio!


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