Covid-19: How to prepare your Business for reopening after Lockdown

Published on 9 June 2020 at 17:17

With June 29th just around the corner and guidelines changing quickly, now is the time to start thinking about what your plan is when you reopen your salon, spa, or clinic. This will mean adjusting to the “new normal”


Remember, the industry reopening is a big deal for clients who are DYING to have their roots touched up or their nails done…but also for business owners and staff! We have been through a lot as an industry, with our businesses, jobs and livelihoods being put on hold due to lockdown.

While adhering to the strictest possible hygiene practices and government guidelines, lets also celebrate our reopening and make it memorable!


I’ve compiled a list of tips to help prepare you to REOPEN YOUR BEAUTY BUSINESS!


    1. Broadcast the steps you are taking to ensure everyone’s safety


    It is going to be hard for your clients to go from staying at home (and leaving only for essentials) to booking services that inherently can't follow social distancing rules. You need to reassure your clients that you are taking every possible precaution to keep them as safe as possible. It’s a great idea to broadcast your cleanliness on your social media channels! This will ensure your clients are comfortable returning to your business for their appointments!

    Share any hygiene courses completed or even a picture of the new hand sanitiser you bought!


    2. Prepare your staff

    Remember, your staff are likely to be as anxious as you are, or more! They are potentially risking their safety to deliver non-essential services!

    It is imperative to connect with your employees one-on-one before reopening. Let them know what guidelines and cleaning standards you are putting in place in your salon. Suggest any cleaning certifications or training that might be relevant for them. Prior to opening, go over any scheduling or pricing changes and updates to your staff handbook. Remind them that if they feel sick, they need to stay home. It’s likely that your clients will ask your team what precautions your business is taking. Give your team a list of these precautions to take home and learn


    3. Follow Government Guidelines

    Remember that staff safety and the safety of your clients is of the utmost importance. Good practice tips when reopening include:

    • Make small waiting areas redundant to allow for social distancing.
    • Wear a face mask/visor and gloves
    • Ask your clients to wear a mask and wash their hands upon arrival.
    • Ask your staff to do the same, and to practice hand hygiene before and after each appointment.
    • Cough and sneeze into your arms, rather than out in the open.
    • You must disinfect every product and/or equipment used during an appointment, taking care to make sure that the proper time elapses to ensure efficacy.
    • There will be restrictions on some services, and you may have to make changes to your appointment schedule or reduce capacity in your business to allow for adequate social distancing.
    • You may need to increase the time between appointments so there’s minimal overlap between your clients coming and going from your business.

    For a more detailed overview of Reopening Guidelines – visit HABIC


    4. Deep Clean

    While you are still closed, use the time to deep clean and organise your salon or clinic. Ensure your products and equipment are sanitised and organised, your floors sparkle, and you have plenty of tissues and hand sanitiser readily available. Put up signs across your facility to remind your staff of the protocols and for clients to see your plan to keep the premise cleaner than ever.


    5. Announce your Reopening!

    Don’t wait to send an email announcement the day before you reopen. Give your clients something to look forward to and the chance to plan their schedules accordingly.

    Send an email and announce the date!

    The day before, make another announcement to welcome your clients on Facebook and Instagram. Share live updates of clients back in your business and post them to your channels, tag your clients and encourage them to share!

    Before you know it you will be back and busier than ever!


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