Instagram: How to increase your following and engagement

Published on 10 June 2020 at 21:10

Never underestimate the power of Instagram for your Beauty Business.


Through social media marketing alone, I have generated enough customers for a small starter salon to outgrow its two-room premise, and move to a space with 8 TREATMENT ROOMS in the space of 6 months.

This was all down to the demand generated through followers on instagram!



High Instagram engagement is key to growing your business online, and so it’s unsurprising that this is the number one goal for many Beauty Businesses!


Throughout the years, Social Media Manager is one of the many hats I have worn. I am proud to say that every Instagram page I have worked with has experienced exponential growth thanks to my guidance and advice.


 I want to share with you, my secrets for increasing Instagram engagement rate:


1. Engagement creates engagement

Engage with your current followers and always respond to comments and questions. Your followers will love that you take the time to get back to people and will in turn be more likely to comment and like your posts.

Engage with similar accounts in the beauty industry every day

Before your next post on Instagram, take some time to engage with the content other similar accounts are posting… like their picture, comment on their posts or even send them a supportive message! Always remember …collaboration over competition

By interacting with other pages, you’re increasing your chance of being seen. The more you engage, the more visible your account becomes, and the more engagement you’ll get from visitors to your profile.


2. Use Specific Hashtags

Specifically, Long-tail hashtags! These are specific and detailed, which means they more accurately reflect the context of your post.

If you use the hashtag #beauty, your post is more likely to get lost in the sea of beauty posts!  However, you could use #beautysaloncork, which has less associated posts which means your content is more likely to be discovered and liked or commented on.

Ensure you post your hashtags at high engagement times!– the majority of people are on their phone in the evening after 6pm

3. Get the most from your stories!

Start conversations on Instagram with Stories questions and polls…share the responses and this creates more engagement

Add an element of fun in your stories, generally your stories are more casual than your grid, you can let your fun side shine through!

Hold competitions! This encourages your followers to like, comment and share your post to their stories which increases your reach to their followers, and their followers’ followers!

4. Authenticity

Open up about your brand and Beauty business - people buy people
Posting engaging videos on your grid will let your followers see your personality, which generates a lot more interest than plain pictures!

Don’t be afraid to let your guard down! Nobody wants to see perfect all the time, Instagram accounts that post “real” content get far more engagement


5. Geotag everything!

Adding your location to your posts and stories can increase your reach tenfold! Never post from your Beauty Business page without adding a location… you can change location to a broader area to potentially reach more people, but similar to hashtags if you keep it specific you are more likely to reach your target audience and gain more followers



Implementing all of these tactics will drive up your Instagram engagement, keep your audience interested, and attract new followers to your page…


If you want more advice on how to create new customers (and ultimately new sales) from Instagram, book our

Social Media Coaching! Available as a 1:1 session or for you and your team!



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